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Nevada Hospital Association Public Reporting

There are a number of ways in which Nevada hospitals are supporting transparency in health care, the most recent of which is by providing easy public access to current and valid hospital information.

This year the Nevada Hospital Association partnered with the Wisconsin Hospital Association to produce PricePoint, a consumer-friendly database of hospital charges. We are also working on a data system for hospital quality and safety that will be added to our public reporting resource programs.

Nevada Hospital Association member hospitals and health systems feel strongly that understanding how to use this information is just as important as knowing how to access the data. For instance, in most cases, out-of-pocket hospital costs for privately insured patients are determined by their health insurers, which have negotiated specific discounts with a hospital or health system. You should contact your insurer to determine the amount of out–of-pocket cost for which you will be responsible.

Publicly reported hospital charge, quality and safety data may not answer every question, but it should, at a minimum, provide a good and factual starting point for more informed discussion between consumers and insurers or consumers and providers of care.

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